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Car Seats
Products > Car Seats
  • ALPHEON(Large vehicle)
  • MALIBU(Medium vehicle)
  • cruze(Quasi medium vehicle)
  • Aveo(Small vehicle)
  • spark(Lightweight car)
  • orlando(rV)


Lightweight car - Introducing Chevolet Spark SEAT


Application of Sliding and height adjuster mechanism which helps front sight field and position of driver


Front seat

  • Application of head rest in driver's seat and passenger seat which is freely adjustable up/down
  • Application of high particle carbon film heating device in driver's seat and passenger seat for riding feel in winter season


Back seat

  • Application of folding in back seat for provision of large capacity cargo loading space
  • Application of 6:4 split folding seat for various spatial utilization such as seating for passenger and loading of cargo
  • Application of height adjustable headrest in the back seat



  • Application of hook beneath headrest of driver's seat and passenger seat which can hold shopping bags
  • Application of arm rest device for resting driver's arm
  • Application of child seat fixing device of ISO standard



  • Application of in-seat side airbag in driver's seat, passenger's seat and back seats in preparation for side collision
  • Application of 3-point belt to protect center passenger in the back seat
  • Applciation of ISO-FIX hook to fix child seat in the back seat (new law for domestic specification enforced from 2010)